Dear Phone…why aren’t we compassionate like our pets?

Dear Phone,

Get ready because you might think I’m crazy. So recently one of my pets has gone missing. You probably couldn’t tell because I’ve been pretty much keeping it bottled in. To keep a long story short, our indoor cat was let outside because “he wanted to go outside.” It’s been two weeks since he has been home. I’ve kept my mouth shut on the matter because I can’t afford to live by myself. Sigh. But this whole experience has made me kind of wonder about society.


No, he didn’t go away because I dressed him in a sweater multiple times

Here’s a picture of our cat Henry, also known as Lord Henry, Lord Tubbington, and Our Little Fatty. And before you sit there a say we are fat-shaming a cat. We are not…we are embracing his desire to be large and proud. He runs rather fast. But Henry loves everyone. He constantly wants you to pet him and is annoyingly affectionate…well, he likes to beat up our other cat Bryan, who does like to go outside. I think of that as tough love because they both do it. But he loves you regardless of anything. He doesn’t care about your skin color, sexual orientation, or anything like that. He cares about how you pet him, give him food, shelter, and love.


I had a teacher once tell me that domestic animals are “programmed to love you.” Yep, wasn’t that a great message to give? I don’t understand why we can’t be more like our pets. Regardless of how they were trained, they still love us. They don’t care about orientation, race, religion or beliefs. They just love us because of the fact we do the same in return. Your pets aren’t going to judge you so why should you judge others? Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that I’ve never judged someone. But I never judge someone based on their race, orientation, or age. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me.

The more that we show compassion for others, like our pets, then our world would be such a better place. Don’t worry, we will have more conversations about compassion and not judging. I’m easily triggered by ignorance if you couldn’t tell by now.

Yours Truly,

Steven Kaufman

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