Dear Phone…college was when I grew as person

Dear Phone,

Today is an extremely raining day. Like, it’s pouring literally cats and dogs outside. It’s a bloody watery mess outside. Because it’s a rainy massacre, I thought it was a perfect day for a story time. Oh, I’m sorry if you didn’t find my joke in the beginning funny. I was trying hard to be. Some people find it sexy. Hopefully you do 😉

I’ve been pondering about how I should go about this because my college years was pretty much just one big soap opera. A lot of the drama involved me per proxy. That drama isn’t really my story to tell because frankly, I don’t know what it is made up and what is actually truth. My college years was less depressing to a certain degree but rather more about personal growth. I’ll tell you my story about self acceptance another time. I think we will just go over the highlights of it.

College taught me how to be humble…let’s rephrase that. It taught me the difference between being cocky and being confident in my abilities. Granted, I’m more humble than when I entered there but I’m still having issues with that sometimes. I ended pissing people off because I had this “I’m allowed to be cocky because I can back it up” attitude. I also wasn’t afraid to show to, obviously if you couldn’t tell by that attitude.

I was heavily involved in the campus media during my college years. Like I worked at our campus radio station, the school newspaper, ran the school yearbook (I made entire yearbook myself #humblebrag), and even did the school television that was barely there. In between this, I also was a Resident Advisor during my last two years. I made sure that I was busy. I had more of social life in college than what I have now. I don’t even have one now. That’s only because I put all my effort into my work, that wasn’t even in my field, after college. I think all of this is what gave me my work ethic.

Because of the soap drama events that I mentioned above, I went through friends very quickly between in sophomore and junior year. The friends decided to “cut” me because I was wrapped up in some drama. Part of it was my fault because I decided to whine about dating friends posting over romantically things to each other via a blog. I then decided to share it on social media and use their overly romantic posts. While I wouldn’t do that today, I would make up the post, It started a rift and a downward spiral of my social life. That was the part that hurt the most. It wasn’t horribly bad but it just hurt getting cutting off like. There’s no hard feelings on that. I’m actually friends with a few of them still on Facebook. I’m happy for them and where they are in their life.

The only friends that I had left were two and they weren’t really good friends. It was very toxic relationship. One of them got pissed at me because I cut her off on the radio during a massive event because she wasn’t saying anything and we can’t have dead air. The other pushed me a little too far one day. I said some things to her that I regret. I could have approached it better. Those days, I had life rage. It’s like road rage. I didn’t really have it under control like I have it now.  But after those two events, we never got back afterwards. We tried…well, I would say that I tried. They really didn’t. I wouldn’t have been shocked if they just used me for project and such. I still follow them on social media just because and the most positive thing I can say is that I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

College was an overall positive experience for me. Sure, it had a lot of hardships but it allowed me to grow to be the person I am today. Without these experiences, I would have the only person that I still talk to from college. The Kelly Rowland to my Beyoncé. She would say it the other way around. To humor her, I’m the Selena Gomez to her Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato. You have already met her as she the only person that I really text because I’m single AF. Anyways, college helped me to become a more well-rounded person. I really wouldn’t change anything about my experience in college. Well, I would have tried to date more. But I’ll get into that later.

Talked to you later XOXO

Yours Truly,

Steven Kaufman

P.S. Since we are now dating, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I’m like the social media mogul version of Tinkerbell. Just instead of people believing I exist, I need those follows to live.


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