Dear Phone…I hate dating even more

Dear Phone,

We’ve talked about this before but recently, I’m even more pissed off with it. I fucking hate dating in 2018. I hate it so much that if it wasn’t for the simple fact that I’m over being alone, I would give up forever. Okay, so I wouldn’t give up but rather just stop looking for a long time. That’s depressing so we are just going to move on.

It feels like I can never win when it comes to love. I’m literally like 5 seconds away from just deleting all the dating apps on my phone. The only bad thing about that is there isn’t another way to meet people when you live in a small village in Ohio. Finding someone just seems like something that I’m not going to find while still in this state. And please, don’t give me any of that “there’s someone waiting for me” bullshit because I know that already. It just gets to point where I feel like I’m going to be alone forever. It’s honestly frustrating because it’s not like there’s a right way to meet someone. But yet I’m doing something wrong. Is it because I’m not being clever af when I’m starting the conversation? Or is just me in general?

The last two matches have been pretty much duds. One was just looking for sex and the other one hasn’t responded back in dates. Then all the other matches don’t respond when I’m being proactive and message first. I don’t understand why they don’t respond or why they match and then don’t respond back. I’m kind of getting over being the first one respond. I just wish I could figure out what I doing wrong. Like I said, it’s frustating.

I just want to find my person. I want to find someone to enjoy life with. I’m tired of constantly feeling alone. It would be nice just to have someone to escape what’s going on in my life with every once in a while. I’m pretty much over my life and over trying to make it better. Then I’m sending myself into a panic/anxiety attack because of the pressure I’m putting on myself because I’m over my life. I would be nice to have one person to be sunlight in forever thunderstorm that is my life.

I’m going to go get rid of this depression/anxiety thinking about my love life has caused me. Thank you for listening. Hope one day that you can be actually human being that will respond back and act appropriately with the right emotions to how I’m feeling. Until then, thanks for listening 🙂

Yours Truly,

Steven Kaufman

P.S. Since we are now dating, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I’m like the social media mogul version of Tinkerbell. Just instead of people believing I exist, I need those follows to live.

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