Dear Phone…A letter to my past self

Dear Phone,

If you weren’t aware, today is National Coming Out Day. It’s a day to celebrate being you and being accepted. Because of this, I thought I would share with you a letter that I wrote to my past self. Spoiler: this is going to get really sappy and emotional so get ready. Here’s the letter:

Dear past me,

It’s me, future you. Sup? I stole that line from Cat Valentine. Hopefully you know about her existence. I don’t know where in your life you are finding this letter but I know it’s probably sometime where you are either slightly bitter or faking being happy. Don’t worry, I’m still slightly faking being happy. I’m just a little bit less bitter. I really writing this letter to you because if I had something like this, I’d probably would have done somethings slightly differently. So let’s talk about the my life now:

Life isn’t still where I would have liked it to be. I’m still living at home due to excess amount of student loan debt, follows my dreams but it’s just taking longer to get to them. It’s definitely not where I thought my life would lead me. But I’ve learned that it’s okay to have that happened. Things happen over time. It takes time. I’m still in the process of learning this but you just need to go with the flow.

But the real reason that I’m writing this letter is to let you know that it will all be okay. Finding yourself is something that I’ve learn comes in time. I’ve started that process. I’m comfortable with my sexuality and just being myself. I’ve found people who accept me for just being me. While I don’t have an existing social life, I still have people. It took some time to be this way so don’t expect it to happen over night. I took the time to learn to love myself.

Today is National Coming Out Day. You can say that I fully come out. I’ve stopped hiding myself from being me. All the important people I want to know knows. I ruled out having the sit down conversation and emotional talk. That really isn’t my style. It just kind of came up and I acknowledged it. But coming out to yourself is the most important part. Once you accept yourself, then everything else will fall in place.

I’ve accepted myself and I now wear a ring, have my ears pierced, wear Britney Spear’s unisex fragrance, along many other things that I’ve come to enjoy. And yes, I’m still into Spanish pop culture. It just rolled into pop culture in general. There’s other little thing to but if I listed them all, we would be here all day.

My advice is to embrace who you are. Love yourself. We have dealt/dealing with a lot of hate and crap in ourselves. Learning to accept yourself is one of the biggest struggle you will face. It does get better. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, it will. Just be you and everything will fall in place. And if other don’t, then fuck them. You shouldn’t have to change yourself or who you are to make others happy.

Don’t worry. Everything will work itself out. Just have confidences in yourself and a little faith. I also hope that when you write this letter in future, it’s better. This is harder to do than it seems. I also hope that you also just started to sing the “Wizards of Waverly Place” theme in your head. Everything is not…what it seems.


Was that letter okay? I always wanted to do something like this but it didn’t feel right. It feels a nice to write something like that. It also feels weird too as well. But we’ll talk soon. Until then, I’m going to go watch “Love, Simon” and wish that I had someone to make out with on top of a Ferris wheel. That’s how I’m celebrating National Coming Out Day.

Yours Truly,

Steven Kaufman

P.S. Since we are now dating, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I’m like the social media mogul version of Tinkerbell. Just instead of people believing I exist, I need those follows to live.

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